Band Album/Single Recording

Soundworks is fully equipped for band recording. We have a decent sized live room with a great sound and can work in a variety of ways from live recording to multi-track layering. In addition we have two guitar amp isolation booths which makes it possible to record a full band completely live with quality sound and complete separation between all instruments.

** We offer discounts on block bookings and free hours for bands who currently rehearse with us **

We know only too well the frustration of musicians forced situations that are unnatural for them. That is why we place the reigns firmly in the hands of our customers, letting them decide which recording method is best for them. We won’t make you play to a click if you’re not used to it, or manipulate your music away from your original vision. Your input is greatly valued and respected, every step of the way.

Vocal Recording

Our high quality microphones and pre-amps combined with the acoustically treated “dead space” vocal booth means that we always end up with the best quality vocal recordings. We have worked with thousands of different singers and know how to communicate with an artist during a recording session to get the best result.

Amy True
Amy True
Britt in the booth

Best Selling American Author – Nabeel Qureshi,

Voice – Over Recording
We pride ourselves in the quality of our voice over production. Years of experience means that we know what the industry expects and know how to deliver it calmly and efficiently. From recording to editing and mastering, our equipment and knowledge mean we can quickly get your voice sounding crisp and professional. If you require remote patch-in our Skype and Fibre connection will meet your needs. We regularly work with big corporate clients and small local productions alike so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

** We are a Source Connect enabled studio, allowing us to connect to ISDN lines anywhere in the world for real-time communication with the voice over artist **


Location Recording

We have recorded in locations all over Oxfordshire, from The Oxford big brass band in the famous Sheldonian Theatre, to wedding vows at a celebrity’s wedding, we can be trusted to capture those special sonic moments. We can come and make a multitrack recording of your gig or concert, which can then be mixed in the recording studio for a professional result.

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