I have recorded in a wide variety of studios, from tiny garden launch label studios up to Rockfield studios where Sabbath and Oasis laid down tracks and I have to say Soundworks Studios is where I want to record. Having recorded my last album with them, I have found Danny and Umair mix the perfect balance of providing a relaxed and smooth recording process with an open friendly attitude. They also seriously know their stuff on the soundboard and made my album hold its own with records on the radio that have been recorded in multi million dollar complexes. I can’t wait to get back and do my next project! – Tom Ivey

“We recorded two tracks for our EP Ruins on the Shore with Umair and we were really pleased with the results. He creates a fantastic sound that is full of atmosphere and power, but crucially, he retains the original character of every instrument. He is easy to work with, and creates a relaxed environment in the studio that really helps you get the best results from the recording. We would highly recommend working with Umair for recording, mixing and mastering.” – Indica Blues

“Not quite finished our piece yet, but can seriously recommend these folks. They know what they’re doing, are easy to work with, but not afraid to say when it’s not right. Very positive first experience” – Chris Matthewman

“Professional, hardworking and really top guys to work with. Massively recommend Soundworks.” – Emma Jane Peyton Ramsden

“Very good people to work with. And very friendly.” – Su Yen Hu

“Hard working and professional. I always leave happy” – Sam Morgan Slee

“Recorded our latest track there a few weeks ago, great production and staff, highly recommended to anyone looking to record in Oxford.” – Daniel Anthony