Soundworks News 19/12/17

As the year comes to a close, we look at recent news and have a look back at the varied and interesting year that we have had here at Soundworks Recording Studio.

We’ve decided to head into 2018 with some great offers for our loyal customers:

  • JANUARY SALE!!! 20% off all recording time booked through January
  • DISCOUNT ON CONSECUTIVE BULK BOOKINGS!  £10 off the overall day rate, for each consecutive day booked (5 day limit)
  • REHEARSE TO RECORD DEAL! – 1 hour free recording time in the bank for every 5 band rehearsals booked!

WMN – Tiece’s

We’ve been excited about this finally hitting the shelves for quite a while now and at last it is available. Tiece is going from strength to strength at the moment. As one half of the great duo, Girlhood, she has been receiving attention from major radio stations and media outlets. It’s not surprising, as her effortlessly haunting and beautiful voice is literally music to the ears of anyone who has the pleasure of hearing her.

She is also very busy working with other groups and artists, being part of the Inner Peace Collective, Rhymeskeemz & the P45s and constantly working with other artists. Her smooth transitions between genres and styles just add to her impressive talent. This is the first of her solo projects, featuring instrumentals that she made herself and amazing lyrics that are personal to her. We are very proud to have been a part of this production and seriously recommend that you head straight over to to see what EVERYONE’s talking about.



This  groovy Oxford-based  funk/reggae rock band that writes, records and performs great original material. They have an instantly recognizable sound, brought to you by the talented and energetic musicans who thrive on putting on great live shows. This really comes across in their new album. The production side is finished now and we’re very pleased with how it’s sounding. We cant wait to see what happens with  the album when it is  released next year!

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End of year Sum-up

It’s been an amazing year at Soundworks and we would like to thank all of our customers for their amazing talent and time over the year. When we listen back through the year’s projects there have been so much great music recorded from so many different genres.

To name a few, it’s been brilliant working with: Emma Danelon, Richard Barnett, Steevo, Sarah Stirk &, Febeuder, The Mayday Trust, The Autumn Saints, Juliet and the Raging Romeos, Naomi Pacific, Zuzana, Sergey, Tiece, Simon Justice, The Slapheads Acapela Group, MC Rami, MC Younis, The Deadbeat Apostles, Ghosts in the Photographs, Dave Gardener, Roy Magara, Society,  Egrets, The Beckoning Fairones, at Amiss, The Leys CDI, Rodney P, Ocean Ruins, Asher Dust, Lamps Collective, Bizzy T, Booka T, TuKalm, Godz Forte, Deltaviolin, Lubna, John Baker, MC Side, Preacherman, Kicks, Stolby, Last Picture Show, Zen Lewis, Rhymeskeemz & the P45s, Old Ernie, Ben Ousey, Space Church, Think Project and anyone else who I’ve forgotten! That list is just off the top of my head.

We look forward to recording and producing more amazing local music next year.


From the Soundworks team

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