Album/Single Recording and Production

The quality of our equipment combined with the expertise of our staff gives you the ideal foundation for your music. The relaxing atmosphere and air-conditioned comfort of the recording studio is designed to bring out the best in every performer. We have produced many albums for both local and national artists, achieving critical acclaim and radio airplay on numerous occasions.


Rehearsal Rooms

Soundworks Recording Studios has a large air-conditioned live room perfect for the bigger band to rehearse in. A Pearl Export drum-kit, bass/guitar/keyboard amplifiers, and a piano are all provided free, as are powerful vocal monitors, mics and stands - at some of the cheapest rates in Oxford. There is also plenty of free parking.

live room

CD Mastering

We have the equipment and the ears to bring out the best in your recording. High quailty outboard and plugins allow us to tweak and control your audio to maximise its potential on CD. We have prepared many red-book masters for production. Soundworks do not provide a CD pressing facilty, but we are happy to point you in the right direction.


Location Recording

Fed up of the poor quality of your live recordings? Vocals too quiet and audience too loud? We can come and make a multitrack recording of your gig or concert, which can then be mixed in the recording studio for a professional result.


Demo Production

Need a 4-song demo for minimum cost? We have produced hundreds of demo CDs for bands, and can help you get the best result possible for your budget. One of our experienced engineers will work with you to get the sound YOU want. Contact us for details. We can also help design your artwork and manage the pressing of your CD.

CD pile

Voice-Over Recording

The Neumann microphones and Valve pre-amps at Soundworks Recording Studios will assure the high quailty of your vocal recording. Digital editing facilities then allow us to tailor the audio to your exact requirements. We cater for educational, broadcast, and corporate clients, and have worked with companies such as Vodafone, Macmillan, Endemol, and Channel 4 among others.

Neumann M147

Midi Production

An extensive collection of midi instruments and a large sample library, coupled with some fast editing skills and experienced ears, make Soundworks the number one choice for midi production. We can create a track with you from scratch, or take your ideas and develop them into a fully-fledged song, using a combination of midi instruments, samples, and live instruments.



Soundworks Recording Studios can cater for your post-production needs, whether it's sound-to-picture for Film, TV, Advertising, Multimedia, or the production and editing of jingles and shows for Radio. Soundworks have worked with clients such as OFVM, Channel 4, and Passion FM, and offer some of the lowest post-production rates in the industry.


Live Engineering

Our experienced engineers have done live sound all over the country for hundreds of bands, venues, and festivals, from Coldplay to Nizlopi and from Truck Festival to Reading Festival. Make sure your band gets the best sound it can by having your own sound man. We can even provide the PA hire for your gig.

live sound

Audio Transfer and Restoration

Soundworks can cater for all formats, including Cassette, CD, DVD, Minidisc, DAT, Hi8, Reel-to-Reel, Vinyl records, .mp3, .wav, .aif etc. We can remove the hiss from your old cassette recordings and the crackle from your records, and transfer them onto CD. We can transfer your music to .mp3 for uploading to a website.


PA Hire

From 600W of Wharfdale to 10,000W of TurboSound, from weddings to Festivals, we can supply and run the PA to suit your needs. Soundworks can supply a small decks-and-speakers set-up for a party or a full rig for a college ball or festival with live bands.


Acoustic Design and Soundproofing Services

Soundworks have acted as both consultants and builders on many sound-critical building jobs, including recording studios, radio stations, and sound-proofed practice rooms. We have worked with private clients and also with Oxford City Council, and we are always happy to come and talk to you about your requirements.

Studding for sound-proofing

Music Technology Workshops

Soundworks work in close conjuction with individuals, schools, and the County Youth Service to provide workshops in areas such as DJ skills, Vocal Training, and Midi production. See the page on Courses & Workshops for more details.

DJ Skills workshops

Courses in Studio Engineering

Soundworks run a variety of accredited courses, including a BTEC in Audio Engineering. Following the success of last year's BTEC course at Soundworks, register your interest NOW for the next course! See the page on Courses & Workshops for more details.

Soundworks students

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